Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Movie Review: When Calls the Heart: Season 2

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My Review (4.5 stars):

When Calls the Heart (2014—) is like my new favorite TV movie series . . . (Not that I actually follow many TV series) . . . but anyway, I love it! I mean, movies based on author Janette Oke’s lovely, historical tales? Always worth watching! ^__^

After quite adoring the first season (read my reviews of Lost and Found: episodes one & two and A Telling Silence: episodes three & four), I was so looking forward to season two, and recently was able to watch it on itunes.

Let me first say, it was wonderful to be back in Coal Valley with Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton! The two are closer than ever after their first kiss, and our hopes soar as we wait eagerly for . . . a forever commitment, perhaps? Never mind that actress Rosemary is still squeezing her way into the picture for some reason, Jack and Elizabeth are just meant for each other! But then comes the dreaded telegram . . . Yep. That telegram sure paves the way into a lot of complications.

Other than that, we have Henry Gowen still trying to blame Abigail Stanton’s deceased husband for the mining accident; and the old villain is still as villainous as ever! If not more! Ooh, I just really want to smack him sometimes! What an awful guy. But he somehow worms his way into high positions.

People show up unexpectedly throughout the course of this season . . . sometimes to good results; sometimes creating havoc.

Eek! This season sure creates havoc with your emotions! Prepare to be really angry with at least three characters that can’t help but be utterly infuriating! Why don’t they take their noses out of other people’s business (and love life’s), and go back to where they belong! Just leave!! Leave so-and-so with the man she truly loves!! Stop tearing them apart . . . ! -_-

Romance abounds. Jack, Elizabeth, Rosemary, Abigail, Bill Avery, plus a passel of new characters have the ups and downs of their love stories displayed. Not to mention, Julie Thatcher finds herself a new man . . .
     Whew, that girl! She spells trouble, if ever someone did! O_O Wild, dreamy, and rather naïve, she’s always dreaming up some dangerous, romantic escapade with a darkly handsome guy. I had to roll my eyes a few times, but she does make for an interesting character, *smiles*, and you can kind of feel for her, even if she’s a little misguided at times.

     Rosemary . . . continues to be annoying. Though, I will say she’s not nearly as bad as the first season. And, she does change and shape for the better as season two progresses. She certainly adds some splash and drama!

     I probably like the character of Abigail Stanton even more in these episodes! Really such a sweet, strong, fun, gentle woman. She’s kind of a mother figure to a few different young ladies; yet also has a love life of her own going on.

     Jack and Elizabeth!!! <3 <3 There is just something about this couple that makes your heart burst in their happy moments, and shatter in their tough times! And you can’t help but dearly want the best for them as a couple, even during the hardest of their trials. They’re just sooo adorable together—and quite perfect for each other.
     Jack is so sweet, strong, and gentlemanly! He kind of has this shy side too. And Elizabeth . . . she truly does love him! Even if she doesn't quite realize it!
And though we’ve got lots of drama and up and downs in this season, they’re still just . . . just . . . ! I don’t know. I squeal internally when I watch a love story like theirs unfold. It simply beautiful. (AHH! When will season three come??)

     *Ahem* Sorry about that. Had to fangirl a little. There’s something about those old-fashioned, gentleman and lady, courtship-feel, rugged man on his horse and feminine woman in her sweeping skirts, type of romances that just are the best.

Anyway, we spend some time in Hamilton and some time in Coal Valley. There’s not so much of Elizabeth teaching the children this season, which is a bit disappointing, :( But it’s alright. There’s plenty of other things going on to keep us occupied.

And that season finale!!!! Is anyone else still feeling affected by it to this day?? ;P But seriously, it was epic, and beautiful, and shocking, and great, and swoony, and crazy . . . And ended with a dreadful cliffhanger. And—and how is my poor heart going to hold up under that until season three comes out??? O_O Traumatic stuff, guys. We most definitely need a season three. If they don’t make a season three . . . well, I’m sure I’ll get over it at some point. Haha. But Jack and Elizabeth!!! And Julie! And Abigail! I’m a storyteller. And we can’t leave this fabulous story unfinished!

*Sigh* Going on. Season two did have a different feel than season one. As I mentioned, there was less time spent in the schoolhouse, and more time spent in Hamilton. We got to know Elizabeth’s family better, which was nice . . . in some ways. Others not. We even got to know some of Jack’s family, which was quite wonderful. But it was feeling more, um, 1910 than “prairie days”.

On that note, I was rather appalled at how revealing some of the gowns got. Season one was definitely more old-fashioned, family-friendly feeling. This season, we have some plunging necklines and tight skirts . . . (goodness, how do you even sit down in that thing??). So that was disappointing to be sure! I dearly miss all the sweet, modest, fun, period costumes of the first season.
     There was also, between all the romances budding and blooming, quite a bit of kissing in this season. Several were like the zoomed up on the faces, drawn-out, “um, that’s probably enough now” kind of kissing scenes. Which, you know, we could do without. But, it’s not the worst thing ever.
     A “scandalous” scene/conversation or two. Feels like there’s a lot of teasing about kissing in the first episode or two (Jack and Elizabeth having just shared their first kiss in the end of season one). There was also a scene where a lady falls and hurts her knee. The guy asks politely, “May I?” before examining it; but to be honest, it all felt rather shocking to me. Haha! *winkles nose*. Most of the “scandalous scenes” weren’t actually inappropriate—but there were one or two that I felt maybe went a little too far or just felt kind of edgy. But my siblings still watched it, and besides yelling “EWW” at the kissing scenes, they didn’t seem to notice anything else. ;)
     For some more complaints about the romantic side of this season . . . there were just a lot of love stories going on. And a lot of drama. Some people complained that the series is starting to feel like a soap opera, and unfortunately, I could kind of agree at points.

But when all’s said and done, Jack and Elizabeth together makes up for everything. And overall, I just really love the When Calls the Heart (2014—) series. We get some really good values and themes; a, for the most part, Christian and family-friendly feel; and just a wondrous tale all in all. There’s a few amazing characters that just draw you into their stories and won’t let go. There’s trials and difficulties to solve and overcome. And beautiful romances that stand the tests of time and opposition. Little town schoolteachers and handsome Mounted Police. Bad guys, suspicious activities, counterfeiters, and a few punches and gunshots. A lovely café run by a strong, kindhearted widow. Silly children, dances, and one mysterious preacher.

It’s just too good to miss! If you’re into Janette Oke’s novels, the Love Comes Softly movie series, and period dramas, you must give When Calls the Heart (2014—) a try. You can also watch the movie When Calls the Heart (2013) if you want. It doesn’t perfectly precede the TV series, and doesn’t have the same actors/actresses, but still gives vital backstory.

Beware of some immodest gowns and a bit much of romance drama in season two of When Calls the Heart (2014—), but otherwise, it’s simply delightful. I love Jack and Elizabeth and so, so can’t wait for season three! ^__^


  1. I LOVE "When calls the Heart"! Amazing post, made me relive all the ups and downs of season 2. :) And you found the perfect pictures!
    I agree, the downside to season 2 was the low cut/tight outfits. They were a lot different from season 1!
    But yeah, Elizabeth and Jack *sigh*. The season finale was amazing. . .except for the totally unexpected twist in the last 30 seconds! But at least Elizabeth and Jack have appeared to work through what was keeping them apart. :)

    1. Eep, thanks for commenting, Jesseca!! So fun to talk about it with someone! ^_^

      And thanks! It's just so fun to put pictures in movie reviews!! :)

      Yes! I look back at season one, and am like, "Wow!" The dresses were WAY different then, and so much nicer!!

      Ah!! Wasn't it shocking??! My emotions like spiked and then plummeted . . . and I was just, stunned. So yeah. It was amazing, but . . . I don't know. If I had season three on hand, then it'll probably be all amazing, haha!

      Anyway. Yes, at least things appear to have been worked through. There probably won't be all the up and downs for them in season three, hey? ...Better not be! Because they're just so adorable, and I want to see their wedding, ^__^

      Lovely show! Thanks for discussing with me! :) <3

    2. Your welcome. ;)
      When I saw that you had included Elizabeth and Jack in the "Favorite screen characters tag" post I was so excited!!
      I only know one other person who likes WCTH so when I saw that I was like "She likes it too"!
      It is so much fun to be able to discus it with someone! :D

    3. Ah, yes, I know!! I don't know like anyone else who likes WCTH either, so this is great!! :D :D

  2. I missed the five episodes smashed in the middle but feel like I have a really good grasp on what went on given the "previously on WTCH" voiceover. Saw the premiere and the finale. I will say (what I saw), Jack and Elizabeth got on my nerves just a tiny bit. Those two... how stubborn are they!? But then again, I "get" that writers did this in order to create more tension. But, there probably is a few too many "obstacles" (this plays to that "soap opera" statement you mention) being thrown at Jack and Elizabeth. The books are just sweet, good old-fashioned romances about a married couple (the "original" Elizabeth - who married Wynn, marries by the end of book one or at least in book two) encountering different trials in their journey to teach God's word and find a home.

    As for the costumes, the one thing that has always struck me is several look like they COULD fit in this era only with a vintage vibe. I think it was Viola in the finale who wore a very simple black dress that (to me) looked way too modern for the period. But then, I'm no scholar of history, so maybe I'm totally wrong! ;)

    Really fun to read some of your thoughts, Shantelle.

    1. I totally know what you mean, Rissi! Those two are quite stubborn! And to a certain extent, I like the trials and obstacles, because it makes things more real. But after awhile, it gets to a point where you're like, "Okay, enough is enough!!" (Kind of like with Edith or Mr. Bates and Anna from Downton Abbey). You want bad things to stop happening and whoever to settle down peacefully and happily now! So yeah, the "soap opera" feel did come in a time or two, and was a let-down.

      But I have learned to kind of expect the drawn-out, "new obstacles every time things get good" storyline with TV series, so I kind of expected it. And I just love Jack and Elizabeth too much to dislike this show, :D

      The books about the original Elizabeth Thatcher are just so sweet and perfect, I agree!! Truly a wonderful series, and romance! Have you read any of the books by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan about Beth (Elizabeth) Thatcher (who the tv series is supposed to be about)? I read the first one, Where Courage Calls, but haven't gotten to reading the second one yet.

      I'm not so certain about costumes, but some do just seem not quite the right era or something, :p

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed! Looking forward to reading your thoughts, if you get some up on your blog! :)

  3. Hi Shantelle,
    I read this post (and a few others of yours:) and I was surprised to find someone who echoes my thoughts on the TV show so well. I know what you mean about wanting to slap some of the characters- for me: Gowen, Viola, Charles (arrg...he gets in the way of things!), and even Elisabeth's dad and mom sometimes. There are a few other not-so-fun characters - but at least they add some cliff-hanging. Definitely looking forward to season three (which was announced on the PBS website) and the first episode: New Year's Wish.

    Thanks for posting this!

    1. Hi Emmaline!

      Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed this review ... we must have some of the same tastes! :) Yep, Gowen, Viola, Charles, and Elizabeth's parents ... they could all be so infuriating! O_O

      Me too! I loved 'New Year's Wish', and can't wait to watch the rest of season 3! Coming February, right? ^_^ So excited!

      You're welcome! Thanks for commenting! :)

    2. I think that February is the release date- not exactly sure. It is really exciting though! My siblings have watched 'New Year's Wish' but I haven't yet. I'm looking forward to it.

    3. Yay, I'm excited!! I'm sure you'll enjoy 'New Year's Wish'! ^_^

  4. Great blog post! When Calls the Heart has become such an amazing show! Can't wait for season 4. :-)


    1. Thanks! My siblings and I have enjoyed When Calls the Heart, and will probably watched season four at some point! :)

  5. I enjoyed reading your review, Shantelle!
    I LOVE the TV show, When Calls the Heart!!! :D It is SO good. :) I'm so super excited for season 4!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! It is quite a fun and entertaining show! ^_^ I enjoyed season 3, and really looking forward to season 4 as well!!! :D

  6. Your review was very fun to read Shantelle! :) I loooved the first and second season of When Calls the Heart <3 I still have not watched season 3 yet sadly :( I do not have cable and season 3 is not on Netflix yet lol :p The season 2 finale definitely left me wanting to see what is going to happen in the future...Do you know if season 4 has started yet? :)

    1. Thank you, Elaina! :) The 1 season may have been my favorite ... 2 and 3 were really fun too! I hope you can watch season 3 soon! My family bought episodes from itunes.com and stuff. Rather expensive, haha! But we shared the cost. :D

      Season 4 hasn't started quite yet. I believe it may be starting this December with a Christmas special!! ^_^