Friday, June 24, 2016

Book Review: Waking Rose by Regina Doman

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Title: Waking Rose

Author: Regina Doman

Series: A Fairy Tale Retold #3

Genre: Fairy Tale Retelling/Contemporary

Audience: Young Adult


A novel for teens and adults based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

"I love him more than poetry ... I love him more than song."

Ever since he rescued her from Certain Death, Rose Brier has had a crush on Ben Denniston, otherwise known as Fish. But Fish, struggling with problems of his own, thinks that Rose should go looking elsewhere for a knight in shining armor.

Trying to forget him, Rose goes to college, takes up with a sword-wielding band of brothers, and starts an investigation into her family's past that proves increasingly mysterious. Then a tragic accident occurs, and Fish, assisted by Rose's new friends, finds himself drawn into a search through a tangle of revenge and corruption that might be threatening Rose's very life. The climax is a crucible of fear, fight, and fire that Fish must pass through to reach Rose and conquer his dragons.

**5 stars**

Um ... I love this book. <3 <3 It was fairy tale. It was suspense. It was contemporary. It was romance. Actually, fairy tale retellings and love stories are the only two I would say I really like of that mix; but somehow, it all mixed together perfectly and made Waking Rose an utterly delightful story.

Book Three in the A FAIRY TALE RETOLD series by Regina Doman, this tale centers on Rose and Fish, and is a modern retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Rose is off to college, along with her pining heart, wondering if the man she loves will ever return her undying affection ...

Aahh! Regina Doman sure knows how to hit you right in the emotions with her books! And, though in a contemporary setting, the fairytale-ish-ness is so there, and the characters are so unique and wonderful and beloved and old-fashioned! They like things like books, poetry, swords, and plays set in medieval times! They take true love seriously, and they kiss sparingly ... because kisses are special. ^_^

There always seems to be a lesson of sorts to these books, which is really, really neat. I very much appreciate the good-moral, old-fashioned lessons and themes going on. Beautiful.

Fish and Rose. *huggles them* I just ... can't. I LOVE Rose. She is so bubbly and sweet and dreamy and out-going. Like a delightful princess of fairy tales dropped into the modern world. Fish ... aww, the pain and trauma he deals with is heart-breaking! But I love his protectiveness. His maturity. His fighting spirit ... when it comes. Watching his and Rose's relationship was utterly fascinating and bittersweet and poignant and wondrous. I think I nearly cried at the ending-ish scenes. Or was squealing wildly internally. (I probably behaved the same at the end of Black as Night with Bear and Blanche! *grins and hugs these precious couples*)

Blanche and Rose. Bear and Fish. They're like my favorite-est characters ever. At LEAST of this series. I did enjoy getting to know secondary characters Alex O'Donnell and Paul and the rest. Quite interesting, those gentlemanly ninjas! *grins*

As a caution, some parts of Waking Rose got QUITE intense. I can't even tell you how fast my heart sank on this one scene ... And of course we have a few crazy villains as well to watch out for. So that's a warning for younger or sensitive audiences: there is violence and gruesomeness as with all of the series.
Also, there are *fairly subtle* mentions of horrible abuse and the like as well.

But overall, I adored Waking Rose! It might be my favorite book yet ... warring with The Shadow of the Bear, which I haven't read in a long time. Anyway, so loving this series and can't wait to read more! <3


  1. I need to read thissss! :D And Black as Night. I love Fish and Bear. ^_^ Glad you're enjoying the books! :)

    1. Aw, yes, you must, Deborah!! ^_^ The Shadow of the Bear and Waking Rose are my favoritest of the five I've read! <3 (I'm not reading the last book, Rapunzel Let Down at this point because it includes mature content).

      Yes, Fish and Bear are both so awesome! :) :)