Saturday, August 2, 2014

Book Review: In the Field of Grace

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Title: In the Field of Grace

Author: Tessa Afshare

Series: Standalone

Genre: Historical/Biblical Retelling

Audience: Adult
**4 stars**

In the Field of Grace is Tessa Afshar’s fourth book. Her first is about Rahab, the second two about Nehemiah’s niece, and this particular one about Ruth. Tessa writes lovely, riveting tales based on Biblical facts; and even ties her books together! I love the tie between Pearl in the Sand (Rahab’s story), and In the Field of Grace (Ruth’s story).

Obviously, there’s a lot of things that Tessa Afshar adds, as the Biblical story of Ruth is rather simple and not all details are explained. But In the Field of Grace follows pretty nicely, and I feel it captures the personality of Ruth—truly an extraordinary woman! *smiles*

It’s a deep, touching, and very thoughtful book all in all. One of the themes is trusting God, surrendering to Him. Makes you think, for sure.

I felt there was a lot packed in here for a smaller book, and I guess it can feel like it drags on a little. But I read it all in one day and found it quite the charming, heartfelt story. Ruth’s story is really a beautiful one. For one, God using a Moabite in the lineage of Christ. Pretty neat.

Though not exactly a favorite book, In the Field of Grace was definitely a favorite of Biblical fiction.

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