Sunday, August 10, 2014

Movie Review: The Ultimate Life

My Review (3.5 stars):
     The Ultimate Life (2013) is a sequel to the movie, The Ultimate Gift (2012). In the former, Jason has become a whole different man from the spoiled, selfish one he used to be. After Emily's death, he and Alexia have continued to grow closer. But Jason still hasn't quite figured out how to cherish the important things in his life—and he may just need to read of his Grandfather Red's mistakes to realize that.
     Despite having Jason (Logan Bartholomew) on its cover, The Ultimate Life (2013) mostly delves into the journal of Red, and brings his past to life. ...Growing up poor, always being pushed down, running with hobos, meeting his pretty future wife, going into the oil business... Though it was interesting, things seemed to happen a little too quickly, and a bit choppy/in-organized. Hannah (Red's girlfriend), is a perky, little redhead in the first part of his story, but a few years later, suddenly turns into a tall, black-haired, totally different-looking lady. At least I thought she looked totally different; so that was a disappointment for me.
     I don't know. It just didn't leave me very satisfied, though it had a very sweet ending. I guess I just felt The Ultimate Gift (2012) was done better; and I was expecting something like that, since The Ultimate Life (2013) IS the sequel. Jason's story (The Ultimate Gift) of becoming a new man was just way more convincing to me than Red's (The Ultimate Life) for some reason. But, you may see it differently!
     So, The Ultimate Life (2013) didn't measure up to my expectations, but it was still a good movie in and of itself. It taught some important lessons. It had some really nice parts. It might just be a pleasant movie for you.
     Oh, some warnings. There's a war scene that's intense and quite bloody... little children be cautioned! Also, on a more minimal note, some crazy dancing in another scene (I've come to expect that from around World War II era movies).

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