Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Musings ... Am I Beautiful Enough?

To all women… have you ever looked into the mirror and thought: “I’m ugly. I’m fat. I’m worthless. Not good enough. Have to be better, have to look more beautiful, stylish, thin, so people will like me.”

Have you ever listened to those lies?

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I have. And they are lies. Lies from the Enemy. And when you listen to them like they’re “logic” and feel bad about/for yourself, you’re only letting the Enemy win.

So I think it’s time to stand up. Fight back. Why are we letting the Father of lies have a hold on us, when he has no right at all?

Who ever said that beautiful meant ONLY blonde, blue-eyed, and thin? Probably the same kind of people who once said a real lady must have a waist abnormally and unhealthily tiny and thus wear a corset day and night. Or the ones who said that red hair was really the best, so that all women basically shaved off their own unique locks to don red wigs.

Why must we all look the same? Our Creator probably looks down and shakes His head, wondering why all of His daughters whom He specially crafted each unique and beautiful and exactly the way they should be, are running around half crazed trying to look like some photo-shopped model on the pages of a magazine.

It’s time to realize that YOU are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, created in the image of God, lovingly crafted by the Creator Himself. Do you think you know better than Him that you believe you should be changed in this way or that?

Why do you want to look like a magazine model who is not only photo-shopped, but probably has a whole different shape/make-up than you?

No matter what anyone says, you should look like you. And shine as your own, unique self. Don’t hide your natural beauty under tons of makeup, don’t run yourself sick to try to look like that petite girl next door.

Just be happy and content as the way God made you. And if you like dressing up with makeup, feeling feminine with jewelry, or exercising for better health, that’s great. Just don’t do it like you have to “better” yourself.

You are not just an image. You have a heart and a soul! Your outward appearance doesn’t make you who you are, but your inward.
MIRROR, MIRROR by Tricia Brock

TRY by Colbie Caillat


  1. Thank you for that post Shantelle. Sometimes I really struggle with my looks. Thank you for reminding me that God made us all different for a reason and that He loves each of us just the way He made us. God loves us sooo much!!!! We need to believe that and not let the Deceiver trick us into thinking otherwise. Thank you again. ~L'Amour Lover

  2. Aw, I'm so glad it encouraged you!! I have struggled with it a lot too, and I know many, many other girls who do too... so I just felt it was time to write this post. Definitely time to fight back! :)
    Yes!! God loves us! He knows the best for us!!
    Anyway, your welcome!! Love and miss you, my beautiful friend!! :)

  3. This is a lovely post. I heartily agree. Thanks for saying these things. <3

    Also wanted to tell you I FINALLY replied to the Sunflower Award questions you gave me! http://deborahocarroll.wordpress.com/2014/08/21/sunflower-the-second/
    Thank you! ^_^

    1. Your welcome, Deborah! And thanks for commenting! :) I took forever to see your comment because I just moved... and its been crazy and internet-less.
      Anyway, I will definitely check out your reply, thanks for the link! :)