Thursday, August 7, 2014

Silver Rose ABC: Darkness

Most fantasy stories have the theme of good versus evil. Silver Rose is no different. Except I call it Light versus Darkness. And it all has a little more spiritual touch.

Anyway, that will be our topic of Silver Rose for today, Darkness.

In the beginning of the story, we find Karalee Rose in a dark place, fleeing. Later, she looses her memories; but is plagued by nightmares of blackness and fear.

In this story, the ultimate villain is the author of darkness. He thrives in darkness, and in bringing darkness to mortal hearts. He sends out his loyal workers, black spirits, to wreak havoc in the minds of the uncertain. The ultimate enemy of the true King, the Keeper of Darkness strives to keep any and all souls from embracing Light.

Since Silver Rose is an allegory, you’ve probably guessed that this Keeper of Darkness represents Satan in my story. And the true King of Kings represents God/Christ.

It really has been a magnificent journey … I’ve learned a lot of things. And as I read back through Silver Rose (by the way, I’m finished my first edit!), I often stop and stare at a paragraph and think, “Wow. God, you must have inspired that.” It’s been a cool spiritual journey actually.

Anyway, I’ll warn you upfront that the allegory in this fantasy isn’t all that subtle. I’m not trying to be preachy. I don’t really feel like it’s preachy. Silver Rose just happened, guys. Some of it was inspired from personal experience and struggle … though I’m not really sure how or why it got in there. All in all, Silver Rose tells the story of a flawed, wounded young woman trying to fight back against darkness. She’s not perfect; sometimes she slips and falls. Just like we all do.

I kind of got off topic, I know. But anyway, I hope you will enjoy this story if you ever happen to read it … a story with darkness in it, but ultimately about the Light! ^_^

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