Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book Review: Healer's Curse by Kathrese McKee

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Title: Healer's Curse

Author: Kathrese McKee

Series: Mardan's Mark #0.5

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult

**5 stars**

A lovely companion novella to the MARDAN'S MARK series! I thoroughly enjoyed Healer's Curse; and though we didn't see the main characters from Mardan's Mark, I still loved being back in this fabulous fantasy world and meeting new characters!

Eighteen-year-old, widowed Elilan is strong and kind, yet vulnerable and fighting her calling. Her grandfather tries to help her see sense ... especially with the trouble between the Twin Kingdoms escalating, and a wounded guard from the South in their care.

I quite liked Elilan! And her grandfather (really her great grandfather, who's probably the oldest man in the Twin Kingdoms!!) was great! *grins* He kind of made me laugh at times, but was ultimately a wise and leader-figure of a guy. The "hero" of this story was wonderful to! ^_^ He had some wisdom to share as well; and I loved some of the things he said to Elilan!

So yes, there was a sweet, little romance. Some mysteries unveiled. Lots going on. Once again, I love this fantasy world! It just has such an enthralling, captivating feel!

I really liked that the healers and their giftings were explored in this story. I was wondering about the healers after reading the first book, so it was nice to have it explained and all that. Once again, it likens to Old and New Testament stuff. Beautiful! ^_^ Poignant storyline and themes. I am very much liking the Christian allegory in this fantasy series!

I think Healer's Curse is best read after Mardan's Mark. It doesn't really give away spoilers, but just gives a little more detail that will make more sense if you read Mardan's Mark first. In any case, it's gotten me even more excited for Book 2, if possible! Eep!

Anyway, hoping to see more of Elilan and the rest of the characters in books to come! Loved Healer's Curse, despite it being only a novella! *smiles* If you haven't picked up the first book of the MARDAN'S MARK fantasy series, do so at once! *grins*

I received a copy of Healer's Curse from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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