Thursday, April 19, 2018

Goodwill Haul of April

Good day, friends! Hope you all are well this Thursday morning. I've recently been shopping at Goodwill and other thrifts stores and found some great deals and articles of clothing to add to my wardrobe.

So I thought I'd do a "Goodwill Haul" post, since you all seemed to enjoy those. *smiles*

Other doings?

  • I've been slowly getting over my cold/flu.
  • Reading some great books - novels and nonfiction.
  • Applying for jobs.
  • Writing.
  • Praying a lot about the future, work options, and publishing another book!
  • Trying out new churches (I'm searching for fellowship and a faith-filled community to be a part of.)
  • Greatly anticipating summer.
  • Looking into making soap and selling it (I'm determined to make a batch today!).
Anyway, onto the haul ...

Bought this pretty top for $3. I love how feminine and comfortable it is! And the sleeves are such fun ... a little like the style of sleeves on gowns of the late 1700s.


This one I found for $3 as well. I really like the color (I need to add more color to my wardrobe - I have a lot of classy grays and blacks) and the cut is nice and simple.


This skirt my mom and sister found for me at Goodwill. It's so flowy, and fun to wear with heels and walk about watching it ripple around my feet. *grins* And I love the color.


I was so excited to find this dress! (Goodwill - $6) I've always wanted a dress overlaid with lace. It's so feminine and such a lovely, vibrant shade of blue. And I really like that the skirt's hem falls just past my knees and the sleeves come to my elbows - it's very comfortable for me that way. I might wear this dress to a wedding I'm attending this summer. ^_^

Fun pairing it with this necklace, too, giving it perhaps a vintage-y look?


Oh, and these chips I found at a grocery store while in town doing my clothing shopping. Who else loves sweet potato chips?? I simply adore them ... they're like the only chips I can have these days (besides tortilla chips). I love salty things, most especially chips. So it's fun to get sweet potato chips for a special snack every now and then.


Well, that's all I have for my Thursday post. Come back Monday to watch my fun Q&A video from my Youtube channel! (I already filmed this two-part video, and am excited about sharing it. *grins*)

So where do you shop?

What's your style? Do you like any of the outfits above?

Are you more into salty things or sweet things? Do you like sweet potato chips?

Tell me about life!


  1. What a gorgeous skirt! And I love the dress too. Beautiful finds! :)

    1. Thanks, Lady Bibliophile! I agree and am quite happy that I found them! ^_^

  2. You have such a feminine and classic style! I am TERRIBLE at style and fashion in general. I must say all of those colors look great with your blonde hair. You would make a good Cinderella! :D I always mean to comment on posts, because I do have thoughts on them---but then I forget. :( ❤️ Emma

    1. Aw, thank you, Emma! <3 I don't think I'm near as stylish & good with fashion as my younger sister, but I'm figuring out what I like. :)

      Thanks! I feel like they're all pretty good colors for me, too! Haha, well, I've always wanted to be a princess. ;D

      Ah, I do that as well. Want to comment, but don't get around to it. I'm so glad you commented on this one! <3 God's blessings!

  3. These are such cute outfits. The dress is beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Skye! I agree. ^_^ I love lace and blue and feminine clothes. :))

  4. These outfits look so cute! I love the light blue dress!!

    (also, sweet potato chips are amazing! except sometimes they're too salty and cover up the flavor)

    1. Thank you, Hanne T! I love it, too! ^_^

      Yay for sweet potato chips! Hmm, I don't know if I've ever thought them too salty. I've tried a few different brands ... what brand do you get?

  5. Ugh, that skirt is gorgeous! <3333
    It looks so flowing and soft, I could die.
    And that dress look stunning on you. <3 Absolutely beautiful <333

    1. Yes, it's such lovely fun, LaKaysha! :D I'm excited to wear it somewhere. ^_^

      Aww, thank you so much! You're so sweet. <3333

  6. Beautiful finds! You're so pretty <3
    I have never been a huge Goodwill shopper, and I am not sure there is even one near me now? But I have never been able to find such nice things at mine! Wow! Love that dress so much, and for such a good price!

    And as for sweet or salty, I prefer salt. Don't like sweet potatoes, even though they are my husbands favorite Lol
    My favorite chip is salt and vinegar!
    I used to do most of my shopping at good ole Fred Meyer's. Along with Charlotte Russe and JCPenney's.
    I also love the online store "Slaydon and Rose".
    I should really start looking for second hand shops but, I am new to this area and honestly have no idea where anything is *hides face*

    I admit, I am SO picky when it comes to clothing. I do NOT like shorts, jeans, or tanktops of any kind. Mostly because I am insecure on the shorts and tanks. For jeans, its nearly impossible to find my size (0-1) in a style I like/ are comfortable.
    I prefer flowy long tops and leggings, which I don't have many of. But I love pretty things and I love shopping!

    1. So.... no idea whey that comment went on all out of order!

    2. Aw, thank you, Felicity! <333 I know - it was exciting to find a dress I've always wanted for only $6!

      I recently started shopping at Goodwill, and found that we do have a lot of nice stuff at ours! You'll have to look up thrift stores in your area; sometimes they're the best places to find clothes. ^_^ Google it! That's what I do ... with like everything, haha!

      I've seen clothing from "Slaydon & Rose", but never ordered from them. I love looking at clothing from "Neesee's Dresses" - usually they're so feminine!

      I agree that jeans are hard! I'm not in such a small size, but still, it seems like you have to find just the right fit or they're uncomfortable. Too snug in places, too loose in others. *sigh*
      You look lovely in long flowy tops and leggings! :) You probably have the right figure for it, but me, not so much. It is a very feminine look, I think. ^_^

      I think I tend to mostly go for salty, as well. Like chips & salsa are my go-to snack if available. ;) Oh, I love sweet potatoes if they're done up in a savory way. Sweet potato fries! *dies* haha!
      Salt and vinegar! I remember you saying you love those. They are quite yummy!

      I don't know why it did that, but no mind! ;) Thank you for commenting! Love hearing from you. Hope you're doing well. <3

    3. I do need to do some googling! I don't dare drive very far here... actually haven't done any driving except a weekly run to the post office (3 minutes down the road). Things are set up so differently here!

      Jeans are terrible! I don't know if its my shape or people just don't know how to make jeans *rolls eyes* They are always too long, too loose on the waist, but too tight on the legs... phew. Perhaps its me. Lol
      Thank you <3 but I am sure you could pull off the leggins and flowy tops beautifully!

      I am! Thank you! I hope you are doing well, too <3

    4. It definitely takes time to get used to and comfortable driving in a new area. But yes, take advantage of Google ... and GPS! ;D

      I have that problem too! Usually jeans are too loose at the waist, and just a little too snug on the legs, for what I'm comfortable with. Here and there I've found some that I like well enough - if paired with the right shirt! ;p
      You're welcome. <3 Ah, I don't know. But sometimes I do try new styles and find that they actually work when I though they wouldn't.

      Thanks, friend! I'm doing well ... God is good. <3 He's reminding me to lean into Him more each day, and I'm finding it a beautiful thing to just surrender.