Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cinderella, Cinderella (Cover Reveal Sign-Up)

     Lots of beautiful and fantastic Cinderella retellings out there! I made a list of the ones I know of below... and will hopefully be adding my very own Cinderella retelling to that list very soon! :-D

     On that note, would you like to be part of the cover reveal for my fairytale novella, A Dream Not Imagined? The reveal is scheduled for April 25th. If you would like to, please comment below or email me at swordmaidenofthelight@gmail.com 
with your name and blog (name and url) by April 22nd.

     Thank you!! If you don't have the time or desire to be part of the reveal, I hope you will still visit my blog on the 25th to see the cover of my soon-to-be first published book (novella)!!! :-) :-) I'm so super excited for this!

     Oh, I recently made an author page on facebook, which I'm thrilled about as well, :-D Visit it at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shantelle-Mary-Hannu/1622068488014168?ref=aymt_homepage_panel and like it up if you so desire! ;-D

Cinderella, Cinderella...
The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson

Dash and Cinder by Bridget Ladd

Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Fairy Slippers by Amber Stokes

Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

Alyce by Sarah Scheele

Cinderella by Jenni James

Corral Nocturne by Elisabeth Grace Foley

Cinderella's Dress by Shonna Slayton

Cinderella's Shoes by Shonna Slayton

Cursed Beauty by Dorian Tsukioka

Five Glass Slippers by Elisabeth Brown, Emma Clifton, Rachel Heffington, Stephanie Ricker, and Clara Diane Thompson  

Late for the Ball? by Heather Gray

What is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore

Cinder Eddy by Kendra E. Ardnek

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Waltz into the Waves by Sarah Holman

     Have you read any of these retellings? What is your favorite Cinderella tale? :-)


  1. Can't wait to see your cover. Wow there are a lot of Cinderella stories. My favorite was from the 'The Five Glass Slipper Collection'. 'The Windy Side of Care' by Rachel Heffigton. I couldn't stop laughing.

    1. AH, I can't wait to share it! :-D

      The Five Glass Slippers is definitely a great collection. I remember quite enjoying The Windy Side of Care as well, :-)

  2. I'm Brittney and I would love to participate in the cover reveal.
    My email is brittneysbooknook@gmail.com
    My blog is brittneysbooknook.com

    1. Hi Brittney! Awesome, I will add you to the list! Thank you so much!! :-)

      Will email you everything you need for the cover reveal a few days before the 25th.

      Thanks again! Blessings! :-)