Monday, April 17, 2017

Another Post Concerning Book Covers

What do you think of these book covers? Have you read any of these books? Which are you excited to? ^_^

Marrying Miss Marshal by Lacy Williams

Published: August 2nd 2011
(appears it's been given a new cover recently. *smiles*)

Land Uncharted {Uncharted #1} by Keely Brooke Keith

PublishedOctober 21st 2016

Only the Heart Knows {The Brides #4} by Lena Goldfinch

PublishedDecember 13th 2016

Secrets and Charades by Cindy Ervin Huff

PublishedMarch 15th 2017

The Vicar's Daughter {A Proper Romance} by Josi S. Kilpack

PublishedApril 4th 2017

As Time Goes By {The Mulligan Sisters #2} by Melody Carlson

Expected PublicationApril 15th 2017

Deliver {The Blades of Acktar #4} by Tricia Mingerink

Expected Publication: April 25th 2017

A Season to Dance by Patricia Beal

Expected PublicationMay 9th 2017

Expected PublicationJune 13th 2017

My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island: Maude's Mooring {My Heart Belongs} by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Expected PublicationJuly 1st 2017

Expected Publication: July 2017

The Innkeeper's Sister by Linda Goodnight

Expected PublicationSeptember 2017

A Daring Escape {The London Chronicles #2} by Tricia Goyer

Expected PublicationJanuary 1st 2018


  1. I LOVE it when you do cover posts - they're so much fun to read! And these covers were GORGEOUS. I especially loved the one for Jane Of Austin, it looks lovely <3 <3.

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thanks, Savannah! Glad to know someone enjoys these posts! ^_^ It really does; so elegant and simple. <3

  2. Alison Henry and the Creatures of Torone by C.J. Darlington's cover is made by one of my favorite cover designers!!! And this cover is no exception!!! Its AMAZING!!!
    My second favorite would probably be Marrying Miss Marshal by Lacy Williams's cover, and Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility by Hillary Manton Lodge's cover is also artsy and interesting!
    And I absolutely cannot wait to read Deliver {The Blades of Acktar #4} by Tricia Mingerink!!!!! =D
    I LOVE the covers you find! They are always Awesome! Thanks for doing this post!

    1. I agree, Polaris! It's stunning! And looks like an exciting story! :)

      So lovely, those two.

      AND YES! I'm so, so, so excited to read Deliver! EEP! Tricia Mingerink's books are always amazing.

      You're welcome!! So happy you enjoyed!

    2. Okay, I finally found the book info for Alison Henry and the Creatures of Torone by C. J. Darlington; it took some looking, but now that I found it, totally adding it to my Goodreads list!

  3. Love it when you do these as well, Shantelle! ^_^ They are all so pretty and Jane of Austin looked like it would be right up my alley! Thanks for sharing these covers! They were fun to look at :)