Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blog Tour Wrap-Up for A Dream Not Imagined: Winner Announced and Excerpt

     Hey all!! We've come to the last day of the tour for my new novella release, A Dream Not Imagined. I hope you guys have enjoyed the fun posts of the last few days, I know I definitely did!! :)

     A huge thank you to all those who participated!!! For the superb interviews, lovely reviews, and fun spotlights and whatnot. Thank you so much!! I so appreciate the support as I published my first book! I'm overwhelmed, humbled, and so very happy and excited by all the positive reviews I'm getting for my story! Yay!! <3

     A Dream Not Imagined (kindle copy) remains $.99 on Amazon, and I'm hoping to release the paperback version soon! Eep!! So exciting!! Stay tuned for more news of that in the days to come!

     If you read and enjoyed my fairy tale novella, do leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and the like! Every review is a blessing and helps tons!!! ^__^

Winner Announced:

     Now for the winner of a kindle copy of A Dream Not Imagined + a $5 Amazon giftcard!
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     Congratulations, Lena!!! I hope you enjoy!! :) Will send you your prize soon! :D

    Excerpt from A Dream Not Imagined:

     "Poor girl," one said in a stage-whisper, "that she doesn't get to share in her father's fortunate rise to nobility."
     The other woman fanned herself slowly and eyed Ellie with a speculating look. "You'd think she would be accepted in society, if not for Lady Abbington."
     Ellie turned away, cheeks burning.
     "Dear me," Lady Burch fretted. "I'm sorry for bringing it up. But why the purchases? Surely Dezmarie and Adelaide don't need more dresses!"
     Ellie fiddled with the frayed ends of her cuffs. There was a legitimate reason she didn't like going into the village.
     "Goodness! Has there been word of a ball?" Lady Burch grasped Ellie's arms, the jewels on her hat glinting in the sun and nearly blinding Ellie. "Do tell, girl!"
     Oh dear. Ellie opened her mouth to speak.
     A rumble of horses' hooves sounded in the distance. Lady Burch looked up, one hand dropping from Ellie's arm. Ellie looked up too, pressing a hand to the base of her throat. The rumble came nearer.
     "Make way!" the faint cry sounded.

(Taken from A Dream Not Imagined. Copyright by Shantelle Mary Hannu)

     So that's that! Once again, thanks to all who helped with this blog tour! :) And I hope those of you who decide to pick up A Dream Not Imagined will enjoy it!! Blessings, dear readers! :) :)

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  1. Congrats, Lena! And congrats again to you Shantelle!! It is so very exciting, and I am very happy for you! Thank you for allowing to participate - it was lots of fun! And I'll be sure to put my review on Amazon soon!

    1. Thank you, Raechel!! And aww... your participation was a blessing!! <3 :) Yes, it definitely was fun too!! :D

      Thanks, that would be awesome!! ^_^

  2. Yay! The blog tour was so fun, and I'm still so excited about the release! Congratulations on your first book, Shantelle!! ^_^ And congrats to Lena--hope you'll enjoy it!! :D

    1. Yes, it was!! And me too!! ^__^ So crazy...I'm published!!! Can't wait until the paperback comes out...I have quite a few people waiting for that, :) Thank you!!

      Blessings!! <3

  3. Thanks Deborah and Raechel! And thank you, Shantelle! I enjoyed participating in your tour! :)

    1. Your welcome, Lena!! I'm so grateful that you could be part! And yeah, enjoy the giveaway prize! :D :)

      Blessings!! <3

  4. That was so much fun to do, I will have to remember to buy your book, next time I am buying eBooks. We need more authors like you Shantelle.

    1. Thank you, Skye!!! It was glad to have your support! :)

      Aww, thanks! That means so much!!! I feel humbly honored, ^__^

      Blessings!! <3