Saturday, November 8, 2014

Movie Review: Belle

My Review (5 stars):
     Belle (2014) told a lovely, passionate tale set in the backdrop of England, 1700s. It followed the life of a "mulatto" girl named Dido, who was brought by her "white" father to live with his uncle, as he was in the navy and unable to care for her.
     Too high in status to eat with the servants... too lowly to eat at the dining table... Dido's situation is a difficult one.
     I was caught up by the drama unfolding, the passion behind emotions and convictions, the whimsical feel of this almost Cinderella-like tale. It was set during the colonial era, which I am fascinated by (though yes, the dresses could have come up a bit higher!). There was much emotion in the film, which you may have figured out that I really appreciate. And, along with Dido, I couldn't help but be intrigued by a certain vicar's son. The passion behind his convictions about slavery was enthralling. Riveting. I guess in comparison to the other men who were silly fools at best, concerned only with money and beautiful women; John Davinier's raw emotion, pain and fury, at slavery was refreshing.
     There are a few "PG" cautionary things. Like perhaps one use of a swear word, and some inappropriate talk about Dido from some young men. Also, a scene where a man acts rudely improperly toward a woman, seemingly to show her that he can do anything he wants with "the likes of her". Nothing to exceed the "PG" rating though, I don't believe. However, I suppose I would caution letting younger children watch it, as some rather vile things are implied though not shown.
     All in all, it was a lovely tale with poignant themes. I love a beautiful movie that also brings across some important messages! Belle (2014) was that. The truth and depth of some of the conversations and interactions left me startled but enthralled!! Amazing tale! And based on a true story! Though the end left me wishing longingly for more, this truly was an powerful film!
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