Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Are You Excited ... :)

... For Book 8 in TALES OF GOLDSTONE WOOD by Anne Elisabeth Stengl? I certainly am! This series constantly leaves me looking forward to more! *smiles* Though Book 8 doesn't have a cover yet, a title was revealed some days back.

Are you excited now? *grins* Poison Crown sounds intriguing! Anyway, this series is a favorite of mine. And if you are into fantasy with Christian allegories woven throughout, deep and fascinating complexity, a whimsical touch, and a nice amount of sweet romance, TALES OF GOLDSTONE WOOD might be wonderful for you too! ^_^

So I would suggest looking into this series ...


I'm also really excited for Cinderella (2015). 

I love fairytales!! The first trailer for this upcoming movie just came out, and it looks like it sticks pretty close to the original story. Yay! I'm hoping that it will be clean and worthwhile! Check out the trailer:

 Cinderella (2015)


Last but not least, I'm excited for Thanksgiving! It's just kind of a fun, blessing-filled time to fellowship with family and friends. I don't know about  you, but I have so much to be thankful for!! Especially when I start reflecting on blessings. So as you're perhaps eating delicious, traditional Thanksgiving food, and laughing and enjoying family, take time to thank God for His care for you! <3


And then here's just some lovely pictures of things that I'm excited may come someday ... *smiles*

~Start up ballet again~

~Publish my story, Silver Rose (mock cover)~

~Marry my best friend (whenever he appears *smiles* )~

~Wear a pretty wedding dress~

~See if my story, A Beauty Unforgotten, becomes part of this collection~

~Go to an old-fashioned dance~

~Be a mommy <3~


So, what are you excited for? *smiles*

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