Thursday, March 16, 2017

Book Sale #2!

So, since my book sale of last year(?), I've added seven new books to the list of books I'm needing to part with! *winks*

If you're interested in any of the books featured below, please comment and let me know! I'm selling them for about $6 each, FREE shipping. Paypal works for a payment method.

I use bubble-wrap envelopes to ship. If you buy a bunch of books, I'll box them up and ship via media mail - and shipping will be cheaper for me, so I can probably give you a better deal.

If you think your friends would like any of these books, let them know about this sale! I would really like all these books to go!

Email me at: swordmaidenofthelight (at) gmail (dot) com

My Youtube video is causing problems here on the blog, so you watch it directly on's a link: BOOK UNHAUL/SALE:

***NOTE: Thunder by Bonnie S. Calhoun and Remnants: Season of Glory by Lisa T. Bergren have already sold***

Books Not Featured in Video:

Swift by R.J. Anderson - Good Condition (there's a mark on the front cover & some creasing. Pages all intact and clean.)

Esther: Royal Beauty by Angela Hunt - Very Good Condition

The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson - Very Good Condition


  1. Did you read Swift by R.J. Anderson? It has been a book I have been thinking about, but I am still not sure if it is one I want to read. I checked your Goodreads, but did not see a review from you on Swift there.

    1. I actually didn't read Swift. I've read some of R.J. Anderson's other books, and really liked them! But the beginning of Swift was talking about some fairy "conjuring fire out of her hands" and stuff, and I just wasn't really comfortable with that, so I decided not to keep reading. So that's my personal choice. :)

    2. Okay, thanks Shantelle! Maybe I will download the sample fist ;)