Monday, February 6, 2017

Reading Love in February

Hey, how is everyone's February going? Mine is going well. ^_^ We (my family and I) recently celebrated one of my younger sister's tenth birthday! The original plans got changed, but we still had a fun time eating chocolate cake and then later watching Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye! {A fabulous movie series, if you all are interested. It can be a bit intense for younger children, but overall we're loving it!} I gave my sister NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES book (The Secret of Red Gate Farm) and the first three books of the FAIRIES OF PIXIE HOLLOW series. They're Disney Fairies books, and look so cute! *smiles* My sister really loves fairies.

As for myself, concerning reading, I haven't been doing as much of that as normal. But I did start a book this month called The Dream Dress, book three in the WEDDINGS BY DESIGN series by Janice Thompson. I usually really enjoy reading by this author (also goes by Janice Hanna), and I certainly enjoy wedding-themed novels! And why not read one now - it is the love month, you know. *winks*

So do you like sort of wedding-themed books? In the spirit of the coming Valentine's Day holiday, here's a few wedding/bride/courtship-themed novels I've liked:

Picture Perfect {Weddings by Design #1} by Janice Thompson

Love Me Tender {When I Fall In Love} by Janice Hanna

Once Upon a Prince {The Royal Weddings #1} by Rachel Hauck

Sky's Bridal Train {Newly Weds #1} by Margo Hansen

Jade's Courting Danger {Newly Weds #2} by Margo Hansen

Emma Marriage Secret {Newly Weds #3} by Margo Hansen

Irena's Bond of Matrimony {Newly Weds #4} by Margo Hansen

Mattie's Unspoken Vow {Newly Weds #5} by Margo Hansen

Courting Cate {The Courtships of Lancaster County #1} by Leslie Gould

Millie's Steadfast Love {A Life of Faith: Millie Keith #5} by Martha Finely (revised by Kersten Hamilton)

Millie's Grand Adventure {A Life of Faith: Millie Keith #6} by Martha Finely (revised by Kersten Hamilton)

A Bride for Donnigan {Women of the West #7} by Janette Oke

Short-Straw Bride {Archer Brothers #1} by Karen Witemeyer

To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer

Wedding Bells Ahead {Grandma's Attic #7} by Arleta Richardson


Have you read any of these? Do any look interesting to you? I'd be happy to answer any questions! ^_^


  1. Oh, Once Upon a Prince sounds lovely! :)


  2. Happy belated birthday to your sister! :)

    Ooh, I forgot about Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye! I only saw a couple of episodes, awhile back, but they were definitely fun! I should find a way to see some more...

    Haven't read any of those books (besides Nancy Drew, of course!) but I think I've seen a few around... The cover for Irena's Bond of Matrimony is GORGEOUS! *falls over*

    Hope you enjoy your reading this month! ^_^

    1. Aww, thanks, I told her 'happy birthday' from you! :)

      Yes! They are funny and intriguing! My family has been watching them on We bought a month of it (for $5.99) and it has the first two seasons of Sue Thomas. :)

      Gotta love Nancy Drew! ^_^ Isn't it?? It's the one book of the NEWLY WEDS series that I have on my bookshelf - so pretty!!

      Thank you, Deborah! Hope you enjoy yours too! :) :)

  3. I just bought and read "Love Me Tender"! I almost died I loved it so much!!!! <333 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TELLING ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!! =D I see it on my shelf and just grin! :D

    1. EEEE!! I'm SO HAPPY you enjoyed it, Daminika! You're welcome! ^_^ AH, I know the feeling - seeing those very much loved books sitting on your bookshelf is the best! <3 <3 <3 This comment makes me so happy! :D

  4. "Sky's Bridal Train" was a good! I want to read "Once Upon a Prince" and "Love Me Tender"! =D

    1. Yes, I think it's my favorite of the NEWLY WEDS series, Natasha! :) You must read those two!! They're both adorable! ^_^

  5. Once Upon a Prince is on my to-read list ~ It looks so sweetly romantic and fairytale-ish while also being contemporary! :-) I've not read Margo Hanson's series, but it looks good... You always give me good ideas for books to add to my to-read pile, Shantelle! :-)

    1. Yay! Once Upon a Prince is just that! ^_^ I hope you get a chance to read it soon, Alicia! The NEWLY WEDS series is definitely a great one too. Aw, I'm glad I do! :D

  6. "Love me Tender" looks interesting. I like that era.. a simpler time period:) "Courting Cate" looks interesting too...just looking at the cover, though covers usually don't tell much. I like Amish settings with less techi stuff which leaves more room for thought:) I like the cover of "To Win Her Heart"too. I've read "Short Straw Bride" and thought it was pretty good so I assume this will be also. Hugs to you, Marla

    1. Love me Tender is a fun book! My thoughts exactly about the era! :) It's on my bookshelf if you want to read it! :D

      Amish-fiction can be interesting - I usually read by Beverly Lewis for that genre, but Courting Cate was lovely!

      Oh yes, you should read To Win Her Heart! My favorite book by Karen Witemeyer! It's so, so sweet! ^_^

      *hugs back* <3

  7. I have been thinking about reading Once Upon A Prince, but have not had the chance yet (hopefully soon).

    I have read one Nancy Drew book (it had wolf pups in it), it was okay, but I though there would be a little more mystery to it (but then again, I was older when I read it;).

    Yes! The fairy's are drawn SOooo cute! Good choice for your sister!

    Okay, I saw the first 2 or 3ish episodes of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye... and it is TOTALLY a series I wanna keep watching! But I wanna see it in order, and the TV does not seem to play them in order *annoyed*.

    1. I hope you can read it! It's definitely worth it! :)

      Yes, I really enjoyed Nancy Drew when I was younger ... around 9,10,11 years old. I'm kind of wanting to do some re-reads. :D

      They really are! So cute! ^_^ She loves them!

      Yes! You can try for $5.99 a month. That has the first two seasons. (Or if you sign up for a year, you pay $2.99 a month). Or ... maybe your library has the DVDs?

    2. Yeah, when I read the Nancy Drew book, I was either in high school, or just finished... so a little outside the age range, but it was still good ;p

      The fairies in that book really are cute! I need to draw them again (Very fun to draw)!

      Thank you for suggesting Shantelle, I will check it out. And... I checked my librarys (yes, I go to more than one)... but they don't have it *crying now*. And to buy the whole thing (Vol 1-5) is $100! *jaw drop* So... yeah... Feeln might be more feasible (but that still leaves out the other 3 seasons). *heavy sigh*

  8. *swoon* Once Upon a Prince is one of my favorites! So sweet.