Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Christmas Character Tag

Hi, my friends! I was tagged by Hannah @ The Writer's Window for The Christmas Character Tag! Thank you, Hannah! *grins* Yes, we are past Christmas, but nevertheless, I shall forge ahead with this tag. Still feels like Christmas to me ... snow and a relaxing morning and the noise of happy kids who stayed the night after last evening's family Christmas party.

Anyway ... ^_^

  • Acknowledge the person who tagged you. Thanking them is nice, but not necessary. You can be annoyed at them if you like. (Though, if you're annoyed, why are you doing the tag anyway?)
  • Pick your characters. I advise having several, though not too many. They can all be from the same story, or they can be from different stories. If they're from different stories, make sure to specify who's from the same story.
  • Answer the questions. This should be self-explanatory.
  • Tag people. If you want. Don't tag more people than you have characters in the tag. If you don't want to tag anyone, you can do that too.
  • Listen to your favorite Christmas song. Because putting the effort in to write a post deserves a reward, my friend!

We'll be talking about some characters from my fantasy novel, Silver Rose. So, we have my main character, Karalee Rose, who's lost all her memories except for her name and haunting nightmares of a past life. We have a sweet couple who befriend Karalee; Alexander and Nenette Shonnon. My other main character, Wolfe, a young man with overwhelming regrets. Some friends we meet later, redheaded Anastasia and tall Harrison Enlowe. Also, a Brother of the Council, Eagle Far. And Alexander Shonnon's nine-year-old twin sisters, Majesta and Mariette.


1. If any of your characters are from Earth: what are some of their Christmas traditions? If your characters aren't from Earth: does their world have an equivalent to Christmas, and if so, how do they celebrate it?

My novel is fantasy, so there are made-up lands - no earth. Karalee wakes up in a beautiful land called Golden Shore, where she meets all the characters I mentioned above. Times are getting crazy upon Karalee's arrival, so thus far, she hasn't experienced a Christmas-like celebration. But perhaps in future books ...

2. Which of your characters gets the most into Christmas? The least? Who gets annoyed at the commercialization, and who doesn't care because it's CHRISTMAS?

Note, my characters abide in a medieval-like setting. If Karalee was ever to be introduced to Christmas, she would adore it. The family and faith aspect of it would warm her heart. Most likely an orphan and devoid of any memories of laughter and love, Karalee deeply desires to belong - to be home.
Majesta and Mariette love celebrations of any kind, so they would probably be the most thrilled over Christmas.
Stoic Eagle might get a little annoyed with any overmuch silliness.

3. All the characters try to decorate a Christmas tree together. What happens?

They have great fun! *grins* There's lots of laughter and teasing. Anastasia probably squeals and shrieks a little, and Karalee just laughs and loves every bit of it. Everyone would enjoy it. Eagle might even crack a smile. I don't think any of them would be too picky about making it look just right, so they'd just relax and have a grand time.

4. What's each character's favorite Christmas song?

Um ... Karalee would like 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' when she's feeling happy and content, and 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel' when she's in a more sober, reflective, or even melancholy mood.
Anastasia would go about singing, 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year'! Majesta and Mariette would join in.
Nenette would be fond of 'O Holy Night'. Alexander might teasingly sing 'Christmas Cookies' to Nenette, hoping she might bake some sweets.
Wolfe has lots of stuff to wrestle with, but at certain points in his life, he would like 'O Come All Ye Faithful' and just fun Christmas songs.
Harrison might like 'The First Noel'. It would intrigue him.
And Eagle ... hmm, Eagle would most likely prefer 'We Three Kings'.

5. Can your characters agree on a Christmas movie to watch together? What happens if they try?

They would probably all be okay to sit down to something like a When Calls the Heart Christmas special. Or one of the Love Comes Softly movies that includes Christmas time. But if it didn't have to be a particularly Christmas-y movie, the guys would be much more thrilled with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe or a Hobbit movie; and the girls would love it too. Or even Frozen. *grins*

6. Speaking of which, who cries at Christmas movies? Anyone?

Definitely Anastasia and Nenette - they both can be pretty open with their emotions. Karalee would probably cry too, especially if there is a heart-touching moment having to do with family or romance. Wolfe might even get emotional, depending on the situation, because of the things he's gone through in life.

7. What's each character's favorite Christmas treat?

They would all be pleased with an assortment of Christmas cookies. Karalee and Anastasia would both be ecstatic over anything with chocolate. (Chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, chocolate pie, chocolate truffles?) And hot apple cider. Wolfe, Harrison, and Eagle might go for dark hot chocolate. Alexander enjoys traditional Christmas-y breads.

8. Who among your characters likes eggnog? Who thinks it's disgusting?

Eggnog? Uh, Alexander maybe? He's the only one I can picture loving it, though others might try it and like it too.

9. Who's meeting who under the mistletoe? Who's catching those people and teasing them about it forever?

Alexander and Nenette, of course! ^_^ These newlyweds won't miss the chance for a sweet kiss under the mistletoe, though Nenette might be a little shy. Everyone would smile, and Karalee would inwardly wonder about this loving relationship.
As for the others ... there probably won't be much of meeting under the mistletoe until later books! Hehe. *grins*

10. Who makes all the Christmas cookies and other treats? Who eats all the Christmas cookies?

Nenette would do Christmas baking for sure, and Karalee would be happy to help. Majesta and Mariette might pitch in for awhile, but mostly they'd be sneaking a taste. Alexander too. *winks* Anastasia likes baking as well. Harrison and Wolfe would probably enjoy helping out if everyone made a fun day of it.

11. Who stays (or used to stay) up late waiting for Santa?

If there were a Santa in my story ... Mariette would, and probably convince Majesta to stay up with her. If Anastasia had had a more carefree childhood, she'd probably be one to as well.

12. What would each character say Christmas isn't Christmas without?

Karalee - FAMILY. Laughter and home.

Wolfe - People who matter to you.

Harrison - As long as he was with his friends, he wouldn't care.

Eagle Far - The traditional services and such of the holiday.

Alexander - Christmas treats. *winks*

Nenette - Her husband by her side. <3

Majesta and Mariette - Snow, gift-exchanging, big, merry celebrations.

Anastasia - Hot cider and PEOPLE. Maybe a few snowball fights. *grins*


Hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought. *smiles*

I'm going to be lazy again and just tag whoever wants to do this tag. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! May the Lord bless and keep you, and draw your heart nearer to His! <3


  1. I LOVED IT!! =D That was so much fun. Thinking of Alexander singing "Christmas Cookies" is so funny! ;D

    Loved <3

    1. SO GLAD YOU DID!! ^_^ I thought it might be too boring! Haha, yes! It would be quite a sight! ;D

      Thanks!! <3

  2. Hi, I'm Marrok. That was a fun Christmas post, your characters seems like fun people :D

    1. Hi Marrok, thanks for stopping by! And glad you enjoyed - thank you! I'm excited to share my characters with the public (someday!) :D