Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favorite Reads of 2014

     So yes... I saw this idea on a friend's blog, and decided to make my own list! I've read so many good books this past year, as I look back, :)

     Here goes. I dedicated one list to only fantasy, since I read so many awesome ones in 2014; and then I have a list of other good reads of various genres.

Golden Daughter by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

     *Sigh* This is probably the most amazing Tales of Goldstone Wood yet. A masterpiece, :) Fantasy with a fae and enchanting twist at its best! Read my full review HERE.
The King's Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight
     An epic continuation of the Ilyon Chronicles. Prepare to have your heart torn out a few times... but end up absolutely thrilled! I beta read this one, and am at the present reading it through again! I will review it after I've finished.
Aire by Lena Goldfinch
     Breathlessly beautiful. This book was one amazing adventurous, romantic tale. I love the subtle fantasy and Christian allegory. Read my full review HERE.
The Ryn by Serena Chase
     A fairytale/fantasy to adore. I have been enjoying this series so much, and can't wait to read about the dashing pirate, Cazian, next! ;) :) Read my full review HERE.
Hebbros by Nicole Sager
     A really grand, non-magic fantasy. Along the lines of Jaye L. Knight's Ilyon Chronicles. I loved this novel, and am excited to read more by Nicole Sager. Read my full review HERE.
Season of Wonder by Lisa Tawn Bergren
     This is dystopian/fantasy at its best. I loved this book, and am just so dying to continue the adventure!! :) Really, if you're longing for a dystopian with a Christian aspect, pick up the Remnants series! Read my full review HERE.
Resistance by Jaye L. Knight
     I mentioned its sequel above... Ilyon Chronicles is just not to be missed. Awesome fantasy adventure... exploring deep issues and situations. And not to mention, there's an incredibly sweet relationship story, :) :) Read my full review HERE.
Rise of the Dibor by Christopher Hopper
     This was an unusual, but altogether inspiring tale. A thought-provoking strain of fantasy. Caution... quite the violence at points (especially in the second book), but I'm excited to read the last book of The White Lion Chronicles! Read my full review HERE.
Trust by Molly Evangeline
     Just awesome fantasy... think a more feminine version of Lord of the Rings. The Makilien series is some of Molly Evangeline/Jaye L. Knight's more earlier writings, but I just love this series. Entrancing. Read my full review HERE.
The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson
     Another sort of unusual fantasy. Or maybe something along the lines of The Chronicles of Narnia. In any case, it was an adventurous and amazing journey. Perfect for younger boys and girls, but I loved it too! :) Read my full review HERE.
The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis
     Don't recognize the cover? That's because it's new!! (And how superbly gorgeous?!! *smiles*) This book is an unlikely and thrilling escapade, and you'll probably love it if you just pick it up, :) Read my full review HERE.
So there's some of my favorites of fantasy reads from 2014... and now I'll just do a few more of other genres:
The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn by Lori Benton
     I just love these stories. Of native American lifestyles and grand, some times difficult, adventures. This was beautifully written and just captivating. Lovely historical. Read my full review HERE.
Tattler's Branch by Jan Watson
     Goodness, what is it about Jan Watson's books?? They just manage to draw me in every time... right back into the old days in the mountains. Intriguing tales for sure. Read my full review HERE.
Forget Me Not by Amber Stokes
     Amber Stokes's has a lovely writing style... and I quickly came to adore her books. Forget Me Not was my favorite I think; poignant westerns! Read my full review HERE.
The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen
     And a superb Regency... by Julie Klassen of course! This was a terribly interesting novel, with all kinds of mystery and intrigue! A great and touching story. Read my full review HERE.
Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson
     I just had to throw in this fairy story. Not what I usually read, but was I ever captivated by this enchanting tale! Want to read about fairies, but feeling too old for Tinker Bell? ;) Try out this series! I have really been enjoying it! :) Read my full review HERE.
Now for some self-help/devotional type books. You have to love those too, :)
Where Do I Start by Molly Evangeline
     Very informative and eye-opening book. Great for anyone looking into independently publishing! Read my full review HERE.
For Young Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn
     Great, great book, all you young women out there. If you're looking to better understand the men in your life, you should totally read this book. Read my full review HERE.
Jump Off the Hormone Swing by Lorraine Pintus
     Sometims I just really need to read a book like this. Understand health issues better... and the spiritual side to your struggles! Read my full review HERE.
So what about you? What books did you enjoy this past year? Any of those above? :)


  1. EEEE, you did do a post!! :D Awesome. ^_^

    And of those, I've only read... *jaw drops* The Word Changers! :O

    Golden Daughter is still very far away, but I've got Veiled Rose, Moonblood, Starflower, as welle as Resistance, The Ryn and The Remedy (my sister's read all of those which is why I have them... she has good taste. ;)) on my shelf waiting for me, so I will get to them at some point! :D

    Aire sounds neat! o.o I may have to look into that... hadn't heard of it before! And I keep meaning to pick up The Door Within and Spell Hunter from the library... :)

    Awesome post! Lovely to see your favorite books, and some new ones I hadn't heard of. ^_^ Plus, all the beautiful covers! ;)

    1. Yes I did! I just couldn't resist! :D :)

      Yep, that's kind of like me with your list... but we both had a bunch of to-reads on each other's lists I guess! :)

      Yes, she does have good taste! ;) :) Aw, I hope you can read them soon! They're all so good! :) :)

      Oh, Aire is SO good! You must try it out; I think you would probably enjoy it! So many books waiting to be read... hey? :))

      Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed it... book covers are always great, right? And it's always nice to find new books... (even though we have so much to read already, lol!)

    2. YES, all the to-reads! :D I know... I sooo want to read them soon! o.o And heehee, yes, despite all the millions of books to read already, it's still fun to find out about more. XD ...I wonder if that will ever change if I get to have too many to read. :P Hopefully not... ;)

    3. Haha, yeah, my to-read list is enormous. But I just can't resist all the pretty, new covers... it's like chocolate, ;D

  2. Oh! I'm so honored to be on your list! And what a great list it is ... I had to jump over to Goodreads to add a few of these to my own TBR pile!! Thanks so much :)

    1. Your welcome!! The Word Changers definitely deserved its place there, :) And did I mention that I LOVE the new cover?! ;) :)

      I'm glad you found some new books to read!! :)

  3. Hi, Shantelle! Such a fantastic list! I, too, loved Aire, The Ryn, Resistance, and The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn. Wonderful reads. :) And I'm looking forward to reading Golden Daughter. I've heard such great things! But I'm actually several books behind in that series... Have to catch up with Dragonwitch and Shadow Hand, as well as the novella. Just gotta get to them sometime!

    I totally agree that the new cover for The Word Changers is gorgeous. SO beautiful!

    Also, since you read Molly's indie-publishing book, let me know if you'd ever like to read Heather Day Gilbert's, as well. I was gifted a Kindle copy, and I believe I could loan it to you on Kindle. :) She has some good thoughts on the basics of indie publishing.

    And now, I just have to say that I'm so touched to see Forget Me Not on your list! It means a lot to me to hear you say it's your favorite. As much as I hope I'll continue to grow in my writing, those characters will always hold a special place in my heart. :) Thank you for including their story in this post!


    1. Thanks for commenting, Amber, :) I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

      Yes, those were great books! Golden Daughter is epic, :) Yes, I know how that is... trying to find the time to read all these books! :) I have a lot of wonderful-looking reads on my kindle that I just haven't managed to get to yet.

      Ooh, I'm sure I'd really enjoy another indie-publishing book! I guess I'll let you know when I have time to read it, :) But thanks for mentioning it, I would love to when I get the chance!

      Aw, your welcome! I'm glad to encourage you! :) Hope you continue to grow in your writing as well (isn't that what all of us writers want?), but yes, never forget those first books! :)