Thursday, October 9, 2014

Silver Rose ABC: Esglade

Working on my story ABCs today. *smiles* I introduce one of my sweet, secondary characters: Esglade.

Esglade is a tiny, old woman shroded in mystery, hence her nickname, Phantom of the Forest. She has white hair and startling violet-colored eyes.

Karalee meets this woman while running away. Wolfe knows her from years ago when she helped him. But neither of them know what she really is.

Esglade is a fearless soul, courageous in the light of her King's protection. She gentle, yet not afraid to rebuke another firmly when they're going down the wrong path. She's handy with a bow, is an excellent crafter of weapons and armor, and can easily flit about unnoticed.

Oh, and Karalee finds a special necklace after an encounter with Esglade ...

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So there's for my E in the Silver Rose ABCs. Just a short post. Hopefully it was a little bit interesting! *smiles*

I'm so excited (and scared) to share Silver Rose with all of you who would care to read it. But yeah ... it has a lot of editing yet to be done on it! So I better get back to it!

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