Wednesday, October 1, 2014


     Perhaps you're wondering why my blog keeps changing colors and form every other day...? Sorry, I'm just trying to find a look that really suits me. Good news; I think I've found it now! :) The blues and soft purple are really pretty, and I'm satisfied with the look and layout. So hopefully my blog will stay the same for now!

     I hope everybody's readings and writings are going well. For myself, I'm having too much fun, but maybe taking on a little more than I should... ha! ;)
    I'm almost finished reading Golden Daughter by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, which, by the way, is SO GOOD! You must get your hands on a copy once it comes out. Wait, read the other books of the series (Tales of Goldstone Wood) first! It'll make it even better. Anyway, I'll have a review for that coming up in the future. In November I think.
    After I'm finished Golden Daughter, I'll jump right into The King's Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight. I'm beta reading it for her, and am so, so excited!! It's book two in the Illyon Chronicles, and I've been waiting and waiting to read it after reading and loving book one, Resistance.
    And after The King's Scrolls, I'll hopefully be reading Playing by Heart by Anne Mateer, as long as I receive my free copy from Bethany House!
     As Frank Zappa once said: "So many books, so little time." (I really have no idea whatsoever who Frank Zappa is. Hopefully a nice guy. lol. Anyway, I just laugh at and love and understand his quote! :D

     For writing, I'm finally back into editing Silver Rose after moving with my family to another state. So happy to be back at the process. Feeling like I'm getting something done with that. And I'm just happy to be back with Karalee and Wolfe, :)
     I'm also sending my Beauty and the Beast retelling off to some cousins who will read it and tell me what they think. And maybe edit a bit, :) Still not sure if I'm going to send it in to the contest hosted by rooglewood press; we'll see. Anyway, my working title is: A Beauty Unforgotten.

     Well, I guess that's all for this post. In the coming future, I will probably have some random posts of music, chocolate, and actors, and perhaps a thought or two about college. Oh yes, and my letter E for my Silver Rose ABC! I got all these "posts ideas". One day I'll organize them, write them down, and post them on here!! :P

     Blessings to all!! :)


  1. Ooh, nice new layout! I'm afraid I am shamefully behind on blog reading and so I missed out on the changes. XD It's funny this should be called Doings since I used that word in the title of my blog post today! Heehee... Come to think of it I probably subconsciously got it from Ms Stengl. ;) Ooh, The King's Scrolls! That's fabulous. I haven't read Resistance yet but I have it and can't wait. :D Yay Beauty and the Beast story! I woke up with an idea for one this morning, which is bad because I already have an idea for NaNo and don't have time to work on anything else. :P So many IDEAS, so little time! ;) (And yes that's a good quote on books. :D)

    Um... I think I'm rambling, sorry... I just haven't been over to your blog in awhile and felt the need to chat, I guess? Random. All that to say, nice post and good luck on your things! ^_^

    1. Thanks, I'm quite happy with it as of now! :) Blue is my favorite color after all; and I like light shades of pretty much any color!

      Haha, that's funny. Yeah, I think I picked it up from Anne Elisabeth too! It just sounds nice I guess! :D

      I've read the prologue and first two chapters of The King's Scrolls, and I'm already really enjoying it!! You should definitely read Resistance... Illyon Chronicles is great!! :) :)

      I know, I know! I have ideas for two story contests, but I'm like, "I really should concentrate on editing..." and I also started writing a dystopian and my mind is flooded with ideas, but I'm thinking I probably should work on Silver Rose's sequel if I'm gonna work on a book... lol. Yeah, the quote makes sense for both reading books AND writing books!

      Well, I'm very glad you stopped by! I always enjoying chatting with you, :)

      Thanks!! Good luck with all your work too... story ideas and whatnot! :) :)