Friday, March 20, 2015

Movie Review: Mirror, Mirror

My Review (3.5-4 stars):
     Mirror, Mirror (2012) was an interesting outtake on the classic fairytale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Yet it was more alike to the original tale than I expected… with a few interesting quirks of its own, *smiles*. We have the wicked queen. An ominous forest. The sweet, beautiful Snow White. Seven, funny dwarves. A bright red apple.
[Snow White and the apple]
     *Sigh*… I just love fairytales!! And this live-action retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves did not disappoint. Lovely. Humorous. Romantic. Intriguing. I was surprised at how much I liked it!
     It was definitely a more lighthearted tale. We quickly realize the stepmother/queen is quite horrible, yet we don’t get that sinister chill from her person. Humor is splashed into the most unlikely places. A dark story is told in a way pert near okay for children to watch. I mean, we still have the queen’s man bringing back “evidence” of Snow White’s death and such ghastly scenes; but they’re done in a way that’s like, “Okay, yep, we know what’s going on”, but yet, you don’t feel the full darkness of the situation. I’m not sure exactly if that’s a good thing or bad, but it sure makes it nicer to watch the fairytales that formerly had a very grim air.
     I love, LOVED the Snow White character. Lily Collins did a perfectly lovely job of bringing this princess to life. She was sweet, innocent, gentle, and kind. The beauty of her heart complimented her natural outward beauty… and she was just altogether stunning! I love the way she dipped her chin, smiled shyly. But also she was strong-hearted and courageous. She had a firm desire to help the oppressed and poor. Great portrayal. Once again, I just adore when the fairytale princesses are such sweet, innocent persons, yet with that noticeable inner strength. Feminine yet determined. This is not about besting the men, it’s just about doing your part as a lady in the story of life.
[Lily Collins as Snow White]
[Woman warrior]
     The queen was bad, yet not too chilling. The townspeople and servants of the castle were sweet. I liked the prince too, *grins*, except for his humiliating incident that I will expound on below. Aw, the dwarves. They were pretty fun. And some of them quite cute, *smiles*. They were like little men, so pleased when Snow White cooked for them. Training her to fight like she’s their little sister. Protecting her. Loving her. It’s kinda sweet, *sigh*. Hmm… they perhaps might have been a little crude time and again. I can’t remember everything.
[Snow White's training]
[The vain and wicked queen]
[The Prince- swordsman]
     The twists on this fairytale were so much fun. Snow White training with the dwarves to become a warrior woman was entertaining and thrilling. She's going to fight back against the wicked queen! Take back the throne which is rightfully hers, and rule the kingdom with justice and kindness! The fighting scene with the prince was entertaining as well, *smiles*.
[Sword fighting]
     The outfits were fun! Just that fairytale-ish feel! And I loved the added swords! 
[Pretty princess]
[At the queen's ball. *Laughs*]
 [Wretched queen]
[Snow White on a mission]
     As for romance, it was pretty classic and cute. Besides the “puppy-love” part (read more below). There were two or three kisses.
     Ooh, the beast of the forest was really a surprising and grand part of the story! I especially like the scene where all comes to light on that. The ending of the movie is great too! *smiles*
[The Prince and Snow White]
     I did adore Mirror, Mirror (2012) for the most part, but there certainly were some things that I didn’t care for at all! (As always, it seems). For one, a certain few scenes of a man being reduced to a pathetic, puppy-like creature by a “puppy-love” potion. In one scene, he licks a woman’s face and the like. In the movie, it’s meant to be an innocent, though silly, scene…but to me it came across as rather disturbing as he is, after all, a grown man. Besides looking inappropriate, it was just plain not fun. Like, where has the strong, handsome prince gone? He’s turned into a ridiculous, weeping “puppy”, longing for its master, the queen. Though I admit, I couldn’t help but laugh when he sat there bawling piteously as the dwarves and Snow White looked on with raised eyebrows. It was a relief when the spell was broken and he came back to his senses for sure though!
     There were a few scenes containing crude humor.
     Quite a few scenes were some people are stripped to their underthings…(which are actually quite modest, considering).
     A scene where the queen gets a “makeover”. It’s quite disgusting. I tried not to gag as it involved grubs and snakes and the like. Not sure what it had to do with beauty. Anyway, some of the queen’s midriff is exposed in that scene.
     The magic did get a little iffy at points. The queen walks into a mirror which brings her through water to these black huts. She goes in there and talks to her reflection(?). I don’t know. It could feel a bit eerie. The worst creepy, magic-y part of Mirror, Mirror (2012) is when the reflection lady is playing with two puppets. The scene goes back and forth from that to the dwarves’ home where two giant puppets are destroying their house and chasing them. Something to do with magic. But that scene for sure had a creepy-ish feel, and I could have certainly done without it!! Not sure what was going on there.
     I would probably recommend teens and up as for audience. Since there is that eerie scene and the inappropriate-looking one, and plus just a few other little negative things. Perhaps some younger kids would be fine with it; but parent’s guidance at least!
     So overall, this story was so fun and sweet, and just thrilled my fairytale-loving heart! *Grin* It stayed pretty close to the classic fairytale and yet brought some new excitement and intrigue. I would have loved it, if not for the negatives mentioned above. So caution on that part. But otherwise, spectacular!
[Snow White and the seven dwarves]
*The reviewer rates Mirror, Mirror (2012) four and half stars. You can read his thoughts here:*


  1. Really love this film! It is a bit unique in its perspective, but it was so fun, I couldn't help but adore it. :)

    1. It was unique; but yes, adorable! :-) Cute Snow White retelling for sure.